“It was a very in-depth tour – Ian and Carol were very positive, informative and friendly. This was the best site visit so far!” Jamie Barrett, Tutor

aspire2work: Workplace Visit with BAM Construction


FOCUS: Help aspire2work learners apply their learning from their Construction course to a real-world industry job

Learners with Aspire-igen Barnsley studying construction visited South West Mercia Secondary School in Sheffield.

Carol and Ian from BAM Construction hosted a well-structured and informative site visit which allowed learners to see the inner workings of a construction site, including an in-depth look at solar energy, heating/cooling systems, lighting, architecture, plastering, brick-laying, tiling and water/gas supply.

They also took a tour which started on the roof and worked their way down through all the floors, seeing the classrooms, dining area, kitchen, toilets, storage areas.

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