XPO Logistics Healthy Eating Workshop

Pupils at three primary schools in Barnsley learned about the importance of understanding what we eat with the help of local employer XPO Logistics.

xpo healthyeat

FOCUS: Help young people develop their confidence and teamworking skills while learning how to understand nutritional information and the benefits of a healthy diet from professionals in their region.

Barnsley based XPO Logistics delivered a healthy eating workshop at three local schools - Highgate, Gooseacre and Carrfield Primary Schools - where pupils learned about what makes a balanced diet, healthy alternatives to their favourite treats and how food labelling works.

The pupils were treated to a healthy breakfast, smoothie making and a food labelling activity to help them identify the fat, sugar and salt content within everyday foods as well as developing their team working and communication skills.

Volunteers from across XPO Logistics' Barnsley centre delivered the three workshops, with students working in teams to present their ideal healthy food plates and taste test thirst-quenching juices.


  • 98% of the pupils that took part said it improved their teamwork
  • 100% of the pupils said they understood more about how to make healthy food choices
  • 84% of the pupils that took part said it made them feel more prepared for the world of work


"I really enjoyed working with different people in my class to try smoothies. I understand much more about healthy eating now and the choices I make for the future. It was great working with the people from XPO Logistics."

Pupil, Carrfield Primary School



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