Roundhay School Assessment Centre

Sixth form students get a jam-packed day of real assessment activities to help develop their experience and employability skills.

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FOCUS: Give Year 12 students their very first taste of interviewing and other employability assessments to help set them up for higher education and the working world.

24 sixth form students from Roundhay School were invited to take part in a busy Assessment Centre day, run by volunteers from Lloyds Banking Group.

Exercises included group interviews, a written task, presentations to a panel and a networking lunch.

Throughout the course of the day the business volunteers gave verbal and written feedback to each student based upon their performance to help them improve and consolidate their learning for the future.


  • 100% of the students that took part said it had made them more aware of their own skills and aspirations
  • 100% of the students that took part said they understood more about the world of work as a result 
  • 95% of the students that took part said it improved their confidence and self-belief


"Today informed me about my strengths and weaknesses and the different type of skills required by different individuals to build up a team and tackle a task."

Student, Roundhay School

 “The interview has helped me have a greater knowledge of the interview process, the world of work and my own skills.”

 Student, Roundhay School



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