Northern Gas Networks' Outstanding Young Presenter Awards

Northern Gas Networks open their Outstanding Presenter competition up to Leeds students for the third year running.

ngn outstanding young presenter

FOCUS: Help young people develop their research and presentation skills, as well as their confidence, with the help of an expert business mentor.

ngn outstanding presenter

Northern Gas Networks' Outstanding Young Presenter competition aims to equip students with skills they can develop throughout their school career and into working life, for use during interviews or presentations. It also encourages young people to learn about jobs in an industry they perhaps would not have considered before and promotes the study of STEM subjects.

Year 8 and 9 pupils from Whitcliffe Mount School in Kirklees, Roundhay Park School and Carr Manor Community School in Leeds all took part, while Year 12 students from University Technical College Leeds, Guiseley School and the Cooperative Academy of Leeds also entered the competition.

NGN launched the schools contest in January, when each school selected one of 12 topics to speak about. Business mentors - an NGN employee with knowledge of the chosen topic – were then assigned to schools to coach students on their technique and help with research.

Topics included girls in engineering, carbon monoxide awareness, fuel poverty, innovation, energy futures, and utility companies and their impact on the environment. Students could deliver the presentations as they wished, using slides, props, or even NGN’s personal protective equipment.

Year 9 champion Hannah and Year 12 winner Amy were mentored by NGN’s Elizabeth Forbes and Donna Davies, receiving a prize of £100 for themselves and £100 for their schools.

“Hannah and Amy both delivered excellent presentations and truly proved themselves worthy winners. It’s been wonderful to see the journey these young people have been on. They took a subject they had no previous knowledge of and put in an amazing amount of research and effort into making it come alive, through an interesting and well-structured presentation. I hope they are now able to use the skills they have developed through the competition in their future careers.”

Mark Horsley, Chief Executive, Northern Gas Networks


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