Calbee Healthy Snack Challenge

Pupils at two primary schools in East Leeds learned about the importance of understanding what we eat and how to take a product to market with the help of global snack manufacturer Calbee.

calbee healthy snacks 17

FOCUS: Help young people develop their confidence and teamworking skills while learning how to understand nutritional information and the benefits of a healthy diet from professionals in their region.

92 pupils from St Theresa's and Manston primary schools joined volunteers from Calbee for the second year of their Healthy Snack Competition.

Acting as a transition day at their local high school, John Smeaton Academy, Year 5 students took part in four mini workshops themed on finance, packet design, competitor testing and healthy ingredients.

After lunch, students worked in teams to design a new healthy snack to appeal to their choice of target market. They then presented their ideas to judges from Calbee and the winning team had their idea made into a 2D printed version to keep as well as the Calbee Competition engraved trophy to display at school until next years’ competition.


  • 73% of pupils said the challenge helped them think about jobs they could do in the future
  • 90% of pupils said it helped them improve their teamworking skills
  • 91% of pupils said it helped them understand how a business works


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